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Add a meeting room, board room, or event hall to your app in a few simple steps.

Add rooms

  1. Navigate to the Locations > Settings page by pressing the "Settings" icon next to the location's name > Rooms.

  2. Scroll down and press the Add button under all the rooms.

  3. Fill in the room details.

  4. Press Create in the top right corner.

Room details

Room photo

2x1 format


The name of the meeting room

Seating capacity

The number of spaces for people to occupy


Any details about the room you want members to see on the app

Availability increments

The frequency of available time for room booking. It shows up as a step on booking

Min & Max time

Minimum & maximum duration limits for bookings created by members

Preparation time

The period of time that will be reserved between bookings

Credits, β˜†/hr

If credits are enabled in your location state the number of credits required to book one hour

Price, $/hr

Local currency needed per hour booking. The $ symbol changes to your currency symbol

Rescheduling Policy

The period of no-refund and no rescheduling time if a booking is deleted before it starts

Abandoned Booking Protection*

Automatic removal of ghost bookings from the room's calendar if nobody checks in. Available only with a meeting room display

*This option appears only if the room is totally free of charge.


What should I add to the Rooms?

The Rooms page serves for your meeting and conference rooms, phone booths, and Skype rooms. If you have any photo or podcast studios, offer them on the Rooms page too.

How can I block off rooms from bookings for several days?

If you are having an event in the space or holidays are coming, mark the corresponding dates as closed in your location schedule so that all rooms and desks are unavailable for bookings by your customers on those dates.

How can I check the user's room bookings in the app?

Quickly check and verify your customers' booking in any of these ways:

  1. Navigate to Locations > Rooms > open the room your nonmember booked and check the calendar. You'll find all the booker information by opening a room booking.

  2. Visit the Notifications page to see all bookings according to your notification settings. Manage notifications

  3. Ask your customer to show you the booking right in their web or mobile app on the Account page > Room Bookings > open a booking for the necessary day.

Can members book a room at no charge?

Your members can book rooms for free if you give them a 100% discount for "Rooms" in their subscriptions. Give a discount

How to define the room booking schedule for members and nonmembers?

Configure the booking schedule in your location's settings. Configure the location schedule

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