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Understand refunds
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Your app allows two ways to refund a transaction: manual and automatic.

Payment Method

Automatic Refund


Room bookings
Desk bookings
Event tickets



Room bookings

Desk bookings
Event tickets

Other payment gateways



How users can receive an automatic refund:

  1. Set up your "Rescheduling Policy" for room bookings and "Refund Policy" for events in the app.

  2. App users open a room booking, a desk booking or an event ticket via the Account page.

  3. When canceling the booking or event ticket, the app notifies the user if the cancelation will be refunded.

  4. The credits or money will be automatically returned to the user's balance if the user is eligible for a refund.

Expiring credits can be refunded only within the subscription period when they were given.


Administrators refund monetary transactions via the payment gateway dashboard if they have other payment gateways connected (except for Stripe and KakaoPay).

How to make a monetary refund manually

  1. If you want to be notified when your customers cancel a booking or an event ticket to issue a refund, set up relevant alerts on the Notifications page.

  2. Locate the ID of the transaction that you want to refund in your app. You can find it on the receipt PDF or from the "Transactions" custom report.

  3. Navigate to the payment gateway dashboard and locate the transaction by transaction ID.

  4. Proceed with the refund.

Consider using credits as a payment method and a great retention tool, as credit refunds do not incur fees. Credits can be used as a payment method for rooms, desks, events, and shop products.

Rescheduling Policy

Determine whether the room bookings can be refunded. You can allow users to get a refund for canceled room bookings before the selected time or restrict it. The rescheduling policy applies only to room bookings. You can set up the rescheduling policy when creating a room or editing it.

Refund Policy

Select whether event tickets are refundable. You can set the time when the user is eligible for a refund upon the ticket cancelation or restrict it. The refund policy applies only to events in the app. You can set up the refund policy when creating an event.


How do users get a refund for desk bookings?

For all desk bookings, the universal rescheduling policy applies. According to it, the desk booking is only refunded if it is canceled before the desk booking start date. In case a user cancels their desk booking on the day of the booking, it will not be refunded. No additional configuration is required to activate this policy.

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