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Create custom reports
Create custom reports

Download your data at any time with the help of custom reports.

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Reports are available to location administrators on the web and mobile application's Analytics page (the "Analytics" icon next to the location's name).

Create a report

Administrators can create custom reports (in CSV file format) with such data as:

  • Users

  • Companies

  • Transactions

  • Invoices

  • Invoice items

  • Room Bookings

  • Desk Bookings

  • Event attendees

  • Shop Orders

  • Visitors

  • Support Tickets

To download a custom report, go to the Analytics page by pressing the "Analytics" icon next to the location's name > locate Create Report at the top right and choose the report type.

You can download the custom reports from both web and mobile apps.

Types of reports

Report type

Subtypes (Filters)

Information included


  • Members

  • Nonmembers

All users' contact and billing information, their subscription details, and users' company names.


  • Members

  • Nonmembers

List of companies created in the location with their subscription and billing details.


  • Credits

  • Money

  • Per company

  • All users and companies

  • By start and end dates

  • By status (Paid/Pending/

Complete list of transactions initiated with their date, amount, status, contact information of the users related to the transaction, links to receipts PDFs, and many more.


  • By start and end date of the invoice issue date

The total amount of the invoices issued, their numbers, tax breakdown, links to invoices PDFs, and users' and companies' information.

Invoice items

  • By start and end dates of the invoice issue date

Breakdown of all invoice items from users' and companies' invoices that describe what has been included in the invoice and the price for them with taxes.

Room Bookings

  • By start and end date of the room booking

  • Per each room

  • All rooms

All existing room bookings with data on their duration, price, owner, and creator details.

Desk Bookings

  • By the start and end time of the desk bookings

All desk bookings made with price, user contact details, number of seats booked, etc.


  • By start and end time of the events

All event attendees who joined events with the event name, price, and users' contact details.


  • By start and end dates of orders made.

List of the orders made on the Shop page with data about purchased products, options, price, and user contact details.


  • Visits

  • Contacts

  • By start and end time of the visits or contacts registered

List of visits and contacts registered with their dates, visitor, contact, and host contact information.

Support Tickets

  • By start and end time of the ticket created

List of support tickets created with the initial user's question, ticket type, status, creation date, and information of requested and assignee.


How can I export the list of users from the app?

To download a list of your users along with their contact details, email addresses, and subscription information, generate the "Users" report type on the Analytics page > Create report. You can choose to download a report that includes only your members, only nonmembers, or both groups of users by using the "Members" and "Nonmembers" switches on the report creation page.

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