Book a room

Rooms can be booked in your app by members, nonmembers, and administrators.

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Manage access to certain rooms inside your app by using the "Visibility" property.

Create a room booking

To book a room, go to Locations > Rooms, select the date and timeslot you need in the rooms' calendar:

To create a booking, complete the form with the following details:

  • Title — the name of the booking. Users control the visibility of the title on the Account > Privacy and Security > Privacy page.

  • Time - members can only book according to the booking rules (minimum time, maximum time). Administrators can book for any time.

  • People

    • Booker is a user who owns the booking. Administrators can book on behalf of members. If payment is required, the booker is paying for the booking.

    • Invitees are users who attend the booking alongside a booker. Invitees can only be selected among the location users by other users of this location.

To let your users select invitees, set the visibility of the Community page as "Location Members" or "Network Members."

Once a room booking is made on the app, users can add it to their Google Calendar.

View information about a room

Bookers can press the button next to the desired room's name or on the room's photo to view the room description and properties.

View room bookings

Bookers view their own room bookings on the Account > Room Bookings page.

Invitees view bookings on the widget and receive push notifications when a booking is created and about to end.

Administrators open the Rooms page to view the room bookings in all the rooms for a particular date in the rooms' calendar.

  • A colored room booking indicates a successful payment.

  • An uncolored booking is the one that has not been confirmed yet. This means the booker has either just initiated the payment and not completed it yet, closed the payment page, the payment failed, or was declined by the bank. Such bookings remain on the calendar for 15 minutes. If the booker does not complete the payment within this time, it is automatically removed from the app's calendar. ​

You can also anytime click on the title of a certain room to open the weekly booking calendar for this specific room:

Administrators view specific member's room bookings on the Community > Users > select a user > Room Bookings page.

For detailed room booking reports, administrators use Analytics.

Edit a room booking

To edit a room booking, open it and press Edit top right.

Bookers can edit various properties of a booking, such as a title, date, and time (if a booking has yet to start), add invitees, and a memo.

Cancel a room booking

To cancel a room booking, open it and tap Cancel at the bottom.

Bookers can cancel a booking only before it starts. Administrators can cancel bookings at any time.

If a booking is paid, the refund is processed depending on the payment method, as the app prompts suggest.


Why are some booking titles/bookers' names not visible in the app?

The visibility of users’ names and booking titles depends on the visibility settings of each user in their account privacy settings. The highest visibility level is “Administrators”, so administrators can always see users’ names and titles on bookings. Meanwhile, members and nonmembers cannot see each other’s personal data on the bookings unless bookers select the relevant personal data visibility in their account privacy settings (e.g., “Location Members,” “Network Members,” “Public”). Make sure to log in to the app with an administrator role to view all booking titles and bookers’ names.

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