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Accept office applications
Accept office applications
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Users can easily apply for available offices through the app, making it easier for administrators to connect with them. Administrators can view all applications for offices as tickets on the Support page and reply there.


To allow users to apply for available offices, prepare your Offices page:

  • Add offices with public visibility. It would allow nonmembers to view the office available and reach out.

  • Have the Support page enabled publicly so all users can see administrators' replies to users' applications.

How users apply for offices

Users can apply for offices by following these steps:

1. Go to Locations > Offices > select the desired office and press Contact.

2. Type any additional details or questions, if necessary, inside the text field and press Submit.

Once users apply, administrators receive the users' applications on the Support page as a new ticket and can process them there.

The number of applications and offices one user can apply to is unlimited.

If the Support page is disabled in the location, then offices don't have the "Contact" button appearing, and users cannot apply. It's essential to have the Support page enabled to make this feature work.

How to manage applications

Once the user applies for office, a new ticket appears on the Support page. The administrators manage applications the same way they manage the support tickets.

To avoid missing any notifications about office applications in Support, enable push notifications for your app and select the responsible support manager.

If the Support page doesn't have "Public" visibility, then nonmembers cannot see administrators' replies to tickets and don't receive any notifications.


Why users need to apply for an office instead of booking it?

Signing up for the office is a more complicated process than booking a room or desk since it requires taking a tour, signing the contract, and offering special conditions to the price. Therefore, the app allows users to contact the administrator regarding the office they are interested in. This way, the administrator can onboard the new customer by themselves after the contract is signed.

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