Track occupancy

Monitor the occupancy of your rooms and desks on a monthly timeline

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Effortlessly track your space occupancy and the availability of your rooms, desks, and offices on a monthly timeline with the Occupancy page. It helps you better collaborate with the sales team to lease out these spaces.


For an accurate occupancy overview and occupancy rate, it's essential to complete the following prerequisites:

  1. Add all your rooms, desks, and offices to the respective pages.

  2. Set up the necessary visibility of your hot desk so that users can book it daily.

Access Occupancy

Navigate to the Locations > Analytics page by pressing the "Analytics" icon next to the location's name > Occupancy tab.

The Occupancy page allows you to view the following:

  • The current occupancy rate of the space (displayed right on the tab)

The occupancy rate is calculated based on the ratio of the number of booked and assigned seats in desks and offices to the total number of seats in the desks and offices in your space.

  • Rooms and desks available for bookings

  • Offices available for rent

  • Which rooms, desks, and offices are assigned to which companies until which dates

  • Your floor plan

The Occupancy page displays the rental period of a room or desk based on the subscription dates of the company they are assigned to.

By selecting a floor, administrators can open a floor plan that shows all the resources available and assigned to companies.

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