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Add a parking lot
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The Parking page allows you to accept daily bookings of the parking spaces.

Enable Parking

To enable the Parking module, go to Locations > Settings page > Parking and turn the "Parking" switch on.

Add parking lots

  1. Navigate to the Locations > Settings page > Parking.

  2. Click the Add button under the "Parking Lots" section.

  3. Fill in the following details:


Upload a photo in 2x1 aspect ratio.


Create 1 parking lot with a general name, which will include the number of parking spaces it allows (e.g., "Parking Lot").
If you want users to book numbered parking spaces, create each space as a separate resource with the number in its name (e.g., "Parking Space #1, "Parking Space #2," etc.)


Add any essential details about the parking lot you want users to see on the app.

Parking Space Quantity

Specify the number of parking spaces this parking lot allows.

Credits, β˜†/day

Set the credit price for the rent of 1 parking space per day.

Money, $/day

Set the monetary price for the rent of 1 parking space per day.


Manage access to the parking lot by making it visible to the right customers.


Determines which groups of users can immediately book the parking space, while others can apply for a booking (if the visibility settings allows them to see the parking lot).

4. Press Create.

How users book parking spaces

Users go to Locations > Parking page and pick the parking lot.

Users choose the date of the booking and press "Book."

Users select the payment method and complete the payment.

Users can book only one parking spot at a time.

Parking is available only on new Essential, Pro, and Enterprise plans.


Can I offer parking spaces monthly?

If you have members who want to rent a parking space on a monthly basis, add it as a subscription item to their subscription and assign a parking space to them. It will add a monthly recurring fee for parking to their invoices. The parking lot availability on the Parking page will automatically display the reduced number of available parking spaces, helping you and users to track parking lot occupancy.

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