Automate Stripe refunds

Explore how to manage automatic Stripe refunds for bookings and tickets.

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The integration of your app with Stripe allows for automatic refunds of monetary payments.

Users can receive a refund for canceling the following payments according to the rescheduling and refund policy:

  • Room bookings

  • Desk bookings

  • Event tickets

Manage automatic refunds

Administrators can enable or disable automatic refunds by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Locations > Settings.

  2. Select Stripe in the "Integrations" section.

  3. Scroll down and manage the "Refunds" switch.

Automatic refunds are enabled by default as soon as the Stripe integration is connected.

How users receive a refund

Users initiate the refund by canceling their own bookings and tickets. Administrators can initiate refunds for others through the app by canceling the bookings and tickets of other users:

  1. Users open their room booking, desk booking, or event ticket and press "Cancel."

  2. After confirming the cancellation, the user can see a pop-up message about the refund initiated if the cancellation was made according to the rescheduling or refund policy.

  3. The refund is processed by Stripe, and the money will be received once Stripe completes the operation.

The app tracks the refund initiation, but we, as a company, aren't responsible for the success of the refund. The refund may not be issued if there are insufficient funds in the bank account or for any other reasons that are the responsibility of Stripe. The status of the refunded transaction never changes.

To check the actual result of the refund, the administrators should track it via the Stripe dashboard. Identify app transactions

How to see refunded transactions

Administrators and users can always access the refunded transactions.
1. Administrators go to Locations > Community > select a user or company > Payments.

2. They select Transactions and see separate transactions for the successful payment for which the refund was initiated (with "Refund Initiated" status).

3. The separate transaction for the refund also appears and has the"Initiated" status.

Users can view the same information on the Locations > Membership > Payments > Transactions page.

The refunded transactions with the amount refunded are also reflected in the "Transactions" custom report.

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