How to use credits
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Credits are a virtual currency in your app that members can receive and use to purchase different resources within the app, such as rooms, event tickets, or shop products.

You can easily set both the monetary price and the credit price for each resource. We recommend: 1 โ˜† = 1 monetary unit.

How to enable credits

  1. Navigate to Locations > Settings page by pressing the "Settings" icon next to the location's name > select Credits in the "Products & Services" section.

  2. Turn on "Credits".

  3. Enable "Discount" if you want all discounts in plans and subscriptions to apply to credit prices as well.

  4. Set prices in credits for the necessary resources in your app.

  5. Proceed with setting plans with credits and credit packages as described below.

How credits work

Your app has two types of credits: expiring and permanent.

Expiring credits

  1. Add or edit plans to give the necessary number of credits in them.

  2. Users sign up for a plan with credits, or administrators create a subscription for them.

  3. Users receive credits to their balance on the subscription start date or with the subscription renewal and can use them during the subscription period for bookings or purchases. Unused credits expire at the end of the subscription period.

Important notes:

  • Users receive credits for their first subscription period only on the subscription start date. If their subscription is set to start on a future date, users need to wait until that date to receive and start using credits.

  • During the subscription period, users can use credits to make bookings for future dates, beyond their active subscription period. To restrict how far in advance users can book, set the "Book ahead" property as preferred on the Locations > Settings > Rooms/Desks pages.

  • Users cannot use credits from their subsequent subscription period during the current period. They need to wait for the subscription renewal to receive new credits.

Permanent credits

  1. Members and companies buy permanent credits with credit packages.

  2. Users receive permanent credits immediately and can use them indefinitely as long as they remain members and are not removed from the Community.

Use Cases

There are multiple use cases of a credit system for your business. For example:

  • Use credits as a perk in plans. Give a specific number of expiring credits in plans as a virtual currency that members can use for booking rooms and purchasing shop products and event tickets, while external users pay with money.

  • Give credits instead of a refund. If your users request a refund on the monetary transaction in your app, suggest they accept the exact equivalent in permanent credits to keep on their balance. This way, you retain your users and allow them to keep credits for future payments in your app.


  • The credits spent on specific resources in your app can be auto-refunded according to the refund and rescheduling policies in your app.

  • Since the credit system exists inside your app, only members can get credits and use them as a payment method. Nonmembers and external users cannot use credits.


What credits are spent first (expiring or permanent)?

If the user has permanent and expiring credits at the same time, the expiring credits are deducted first by the system.

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