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Give a discount

Give discounts to your users and offer lower prices for app products for your Community.

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You can give a discount to users and companies on different resources in your app through a subscription.

Discount types

  • Money (payments made with card, wallet, invoices)

  • Credits (payments made with company or personal credits)

Give a discount

  1. Set full nonmember prices for your products and services in the app.

  2. Go to Locations > Settings > Plans > edit an existing plan or create a new one to include the necessary discounts for certain pages (e.g., 33% on Rooms page, 50% on Events, etc.).

  3. Create a subscription for a user/company by selecting this plan or let them sign up for this plan by themselves. The discount will apply to the app prices as soon as the subscription starts.

When a discount is enabled for a specific page, eligible users will see the discounted prices on that page. For instance, if the discount is enabled for Rooms, users will see the reduced price for all rooms listed on the Rooms page.


  • Discounts apply to the relevant prices across all locations.

  • A more significant discount applies if a user has two subscriptions (personal and company).

  • To give a discount on the prices in credits as well, enable the "Discount" switch on the Locations > Settings page > Credits.

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