Issue a proforma invoice
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Some businesses may need to issue proforma invoices to their customers via the app while issuing official sales invoices through their accounting app to comply with the invoicing regulations in their countries.

A proforma invoice is a preliminary invoice in the sales process that outlines the expected costs for products or services but does not require the customer to pay.

Your app enables you to set up the invoice type to proforma invoice in the location settings so that all invoices generated in the location are labeled as proforma invoices.

Configure invoice type

To set up a proforma invoice as an invoice type in your app, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Locations > Settings > General.

  2. In the "Invoice Type" dropdown, select "Proforma Invoice".

How users get proforma invoices

With the "Proforma Invoice" type selected in the location settings, all the invoices, whether automatically issued with the subscription or manually created, will be labeled as "Proforma Invoice":

Once issued, users receive a push notification and an email labeled "Proforma Invoice" with the proforma invoice details and a PDF attached.

How users view proforma invoices

Users can view the proforma invoice issued to them and open its PDF in the following ways:

  • By clicking on the push notification or banner on the Locations page.

  • By opening it from the email they receive to their inbox.

  • By going to the Membership > Invoices page and opening it there.

Users can also pay for the proforma invoice in the app upon opening it.

How administrators manage proforma invoices

Administrators can manage proforma invoices just as regular invoices in the app:

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