Delete an invoice
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As an administrator, you may need to delete the invoice created by mistake and not issued yet. Such invoices have the "Draft" status in the app, and you can delete them anytime.

"Draft" invoices are located under the "Other Invoices" section and are shown as greyed out.

Delete a draft invoice

To delete a draft invoice, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Locations > Community and select a user/company.

  2. Go to the Invoices page to see all the user's/company's invoices.

  3. Locate the draft invoice you want to delete.

  4. Tap the (...) menu button on the top right > click Delete > confirm your choice.

Deleting an invoice is irreversible. It is not possible to recover an invoice that has been deleted.

It's not possible to delete the issued invoices, but you can always void them. Void an invoice

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