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Void an invoice
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An invoice may need to be revised or no longer required. To preserve information about an invoice and avoid the complete removal of its data, administrators can void such invoices depending on their status.

Understand the status of the invoice




The invoice has been paid online or marked as paid by the administrator.


The invoice has been issued but hasn't been paid yet.


The payment for the invoice is still being processed. Depending on this outcome, an invoice will have its status modified from "Pending" to either "Paid" or "Unpaid" within the next 15 minutes.


The upcoming invoice for the next subscription period.


The invoice that hasn't been issued yet.

Only invoices with the "Unpaid" status can be voided.

Void an invoice

Unpaid invoices can be voided by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Locations > Community and select a user/company.

  2. Open Invoices to see all the user's/company's invoices.

  3. Select an invoice and click the (...) menu top right.

  4. Click Void and confirm your choice.

Voiding an invoice is irreversible. Once an invoice has been voided, it cannot be recovered.

If you need to download or simply view a PDF for the voided invoice, press View PDF after you void it.

Once you void the invoice, the user will receive a push notification in the app and a confirmation email.

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