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Issue a one-off invoice
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Your app offers both automated invoicing through subscriptions and the ability to create and send one-off invoices manually. You may need to issue one-off invoices in the following cases:

  • To manually charge your customers for any additional products or services they consume.

  • To accept a payment for a booking or any other service with a direct debit (available via Stripe).

Before issuing the invoice, ensure you enable invoicing in your location.

If you need to send the invoices automatically regularly, create a subscription.

Create a one-off invoice

You can send one-off invoices to:

  • Members (Locations > Community)

  • Nonmembers (Locations > Community > Nonmembers)

When invoicing nonmember companies, you are responsible for sending the PDF as they do not contain users.

To create a one-off invoice, follow these steps:

  1. Select a member or a nonmember.

  2. Go to Invoices > press Create Invoice top right and confirm your choice.

  3. Tap Create Item and specify the name, unit price, custom tax rate (if needed), and quantity > Create.

Manually created invoices use today's date and the following available sequence number.

Administrators can customize the payment Due Date on the draft invoices if necessary. Manage invoice due date

Issue a one-off invoice

To issue the invoice, create an item and press Issue. If a user has added a default payment method, then you'll see Issue and charge button and can charge for the full invoice amount right away.


How do I charge the customer a deposit?

To charge a customer a deposit, you need to create and issue a one-off invoice for the deposit amount. This process is for instances where you need to manually charge your customers for any additional products or services they consume, which in this case would be the deposit.

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