Assign resources to the companies

Dedicate rooms, desks and offices to a particular company.

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You can assign rooms, desks, offices and parking lots to particular companies. It enables only users of the assigned companies to book this resource and allows administrators to track occupancy.

Use assignments

  • When a particular company rents the whole meeting room monthly, it needs to organize bookings for its members.

  • When a company needs a hybrid office for users to book desks daily.

  • Track the occupancy of your rooms, desks, and offices on the timeline to see what's taken and available.

  • Assign parking lots to companies to limit access to parking only for specific customers.

Assign resources

  1. Create a resource you need to assign (add a room, add a desk, add an office, add a parking lot).

  2. Create a company to which you need to assign a particular resource.

  3. Create a subscription or edit a subscription for this company and choose a resource for assignment there.

You can assign an unlimited number of resources to a single company.

Assignments appear immediately on the Occupancy page.

  • If the company's subscription has an end date set, the Occupancy page will showcase the room's, desk's, or office's rental duration based on the subscription's start and end dates.

  • If the company's subscription is set to never end to renew, the Occupancy page will show that the room, desk, or office has an indefinite assignment.

Cancel assignments

Administrators can cancel assignments in two ways:

How assignments affect users

  • Once the room, desk, or office is assigned to the company, it becomes visible and available for bookings only for this company. If no company is assigned to the resource, it will be visible to users according to the visibility settings you have configured for it.

  • For administrators, assigned rooms, desks, and offices appear on the Locations > Analytics page > Occupancy tab and display the name of the company they are assigned to. Administrators can also open the floor plan on the Occupancy page and view all the resources, including assigned ones.

  • Nonmembers and users of other companies can neither see nor book the rooms, desks, and offices assigned to another company.

  • If the resource is assigned to a company, the floor plan shows it in green, red, or white fill for various users. How to use floor plans

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