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Understand pricing and subscriptions
Understand pricing and subscriptions
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We offer several plans for your business. The most up-to-date pricing is available on the pricing page on our marketing website.

To see your pricing and download invoices, the owner needs to go to (...) More > Network Settings > Subscription.

View subscription details

On the Subscription page, the owner can see the following information:

  • Plan name and its price, number of additional active users (if purchased), the total amount of active users included in the plan, and active users (to-date).

    Subscription pricing on Spacebring's coworking space management platform

  • Details of the upcoming invoice.

Subscription upcoming invoice details on Spacebring's coworking space management platform

How is my subscription fee calculated?

Your subscription fee has two parts: prepaid and postpaid.

  • The prepaid fee is your Starter, Essential, Pro, or Enterprise base price plus add-ons. It's billed on the first day of your service period.

  • The postpaid fee is a total of additional active user packages. It's calculated as the maximum number of active users during a billing month. It's automatically added to your next month's payment. You can get a link to download active users for the previous subscription period in the email footer of each invoice.

Who is an active user?

An active user is anyone who is actually using your application, creating value for your business. Understand active users

Users that download your app and don't interact with it (i.e., only view contents) aren't considered active and don't count toward your subscription.

What are the subscription terms?

  • The minimum subscription term is six months. If you subscribe for a year of service, then prepaid fees are on a year-to-year basis, with postpaid fees billed monthly.

  • Your subscription payment will be processed automatically and charged to the default payment method on file. We accept:

    • Payment cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, depending on the country).

    • Wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay).

    • SEPA Direct Debits. We charge €10.00 for failed or disputed SEPA Direct Debit payments.

  • You will get notifications of upcoming payments and receipts upon successful charges.

  • We offer a contract if it's required by your country's foreign economic activity legislation.

  • We offer a Data Processing Agreement for businesses that require it by law.

What are add-ons

Our customers can extend their plan by adding monthly and one-off add-ons to their subscriptions. Spacebring offers the following add-ons:

Add-on name


Mobile Apps

€100 per first location, €50 per extra location per month

Floor Plans

One-time Setup: €25 per floor plan + €1 per interactive resource
Maintenance: €25 per location per month

Extra Location

€50 per location per month


€25 per location per month

Extra Support Session

€50 per session


One-time Setup: €50

How to make changes to my subscription?

If you want to update your address or payment method, the owner needs to follow these steps:

  1. Go to (...) More > Network Settings page in the app.

  2. You will be redirected to our marketing website > open the Subscription page > Customer Portal to manage your subscription for the app.

Some considerations if your invoice amount is different than expected:

  • Currency conversion: Our pricing is in EUR; if you use another currency, the amount is calculated based on current exchange rates at the time of your invoice.

  • Multiple workspaces: If you have multiple apps, you will receive an invoice for each one that has an active subscription.


Why do I see Upgrade next to some pages and integrations?

The Upgrade button appears next to the feature or integration that is not available on your current plan. If you would like to unlock and use those features and integrations, consider upgrading your plan. You can find more information about your current and other available plans and the features they include here.

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