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Customize the email sender address
Customize the email sender address
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By default, all transactional emails are sent from [email protected] with a footer containing Spacebring's postal address to comply with anti-spam laws. You can customize this sender email address by setting a custom MAIL FROM email address. This helps your customers better recognize your business and improves the deliverability of emails in certain scenarios.

Custom MAIL FROM is a paid add-on. Pricing

Once the MAIL FROM email address is customized, all transactional emails will come from your custom email address, including welcome emails, event joining confirmations, service purchase notifications, bills, and others.


Follow these steps:

Step 1. Provide our support team with the email address you want to use to send emails to users.

Step 2. Receive a file with DNS records from us, and the next step for you will be to create the necessary DNS records in your domain.

Make sure to input the data correctly. Instructions for common registrars:

Step 3. Notify us once all the DNS records are set, and if it is successful, we will enable your custom email sending address.

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