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Organize soft opening of the space with the app
Organize soft opening of the space with the app
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It may happen that your space isn't fully opened and operational yet, but you still need to start offering your services to customers and sign them up for plans.

Your app allows you to organize it, and here are several steps on how to proceed.

Set up the essential things in your app

What content to add to the app


While your space is not open yet, you can allow customers to already make bookings for future dates:

  1. Set all the dates as closed until your space opening day with the help of schedule configuration.

  2. Create the "Trial Day" daily hot desk on the Desks page with a minimum price to encourage users to visit your space for the first time.

  3. Integrate a link to this desk into your marketing website and share it on social media. The users will follow the link and book a desk for themselves right in the app.

If you don't have good photos of your desks yet, temporarily upload some photos from the Internet to improve user experience in your app.


  • If you do not have plans ready yet, but you already know some people willing to be your future members, you can offer them to become your first members and get a discount for the membership plan at the opening. For this invite them to the Community right away and give them an opportunity to start using your app and sharing their feedback with you.

  • You can also share a link to your app landing page on social media and ask users interested in starting with you to log in and submit a Request to join the Community to become the first members and get a special membership plan offer at the opening.

  • Create a discounted "Early Access" plan, which you will assign to these first members at the opening.


Utilize the Events page to schedule an event for your space grand opening.

  • Create an event on the Events page and enable the "Joining" option.

  • Enable the "Confirmation email" and add the welcoming text to this confirmation email saying that by visiting the opening party, users will get a discount for a membership plan.

  • Use the link to this event to share it on your social media and on your marketing website. The users will follow the link and book a ticket for themselves right in the app and get a welcoming confirmation email upon booking.

Create an event and copy a link to the event on Spacebring's coworking space management platform


Use the Feed page to add posts about your space-building process or the latest news to keep people updated and make them anticipate.

Get inspired with amazing feed posts of our customer Mox.E about their space updates:

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