Manage hot desks
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Your space may have a zone without any dedicated desks for members, which can be booked by members and nonmembers on demand. To organize the rental of this zone, ensure convenient booking for users, and track its occupancy, follow these steps:

  1. Add hot desks on the Desks page.

  • Name them according to the zones in your space they are located in: e.g. "Open Space", "Lounge Zone," etc. It will ensure accurate occupancy tracking by zones and help users locate the desk they have booked.

  • Specify the number of hot desk seats in this zone in the "Seating capacity" field.

  • Enable the "Money" switch and enter the monetary price per seat per day. Nonmembers will pay this amount for one-off hot desk bookings.

  • Enable the "Day passes" switch to allow members with hot desk plans to book a hot desk with the day passes they received with their subscription.

How members book hot desks

Members with hot desk plans receive a certain number of day passes with their subscriptions. They check in every day or on the desired dates by making a hot desk booking with a day pass.

How nonmembers book hot desks

Nonmembers make one-off hot desk bookings by paying the monetary price.

How to analyze hot desk usage

Track occupancy

  • Navigate to the Locations > Desks page and see how many hot desk seats are available in specific zones on a particular day.

  • Navigate to the Locations > Desks page > the (...) menu top right corner > Occupancy to see how many hot desk seats are occupied in specific zones and when on a monthly timeline.

Track how many plans for hot desks are sold

  1. Go to the Locations > Analytics page by pressing the "Analytics" icon next to the location's name > tap Create report top right and generate "Users" and "Companies" report types.

  2. Filter the "Plan title" column to see how many members and companies have hot desk plans in their active subscriptions.

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