Add a discount to a plan price
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Sometimes when you negotiate about the price for the office rental or other memberships, you agree to provide a discount for a plan for some customers.
To streamline the process of applying a discount to a membership price using your app, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that you have already set up the plan with its original full price, without any discount applied.

  2. Go to Locations > Community page and invite a new user. If your customer is a business entity, you can create a company profile for them within the app.

  3. Open the user's profile or the company profile you created and locate the "Subscription" section. Within this section, click on the Create button to initiate the subscription creation process. How to create a subscription

  4. Select a necessary plan from the drop-down list and manage the "Payment" section which allows you to specify the discounted price for the selected plan. Enter the discounted amount in the designated field.

    Add a discount to a plan price on Spacebring's coworking space management platform
  5. Hit Create button.

By following these steps, you will successfully create a repeating subscription that incorporates the specified discount into the price. This ensures that the customer receives the discounted rate for their chosen plan.

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