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Understand the onboarding process
Understand the onboarding process
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The onboarding process for new customers consists of 4 simple steps to ensure successful app usage from day one.

Step 1. Schedule the onboarding session

Once you sign up, you are assigned to the happiness manager, who will guide you through the app setup and assist with implementation moving forward.

πŸ“ Prerequisites:

  • Choose the app name

  • Log in to your web app

  • Receive a link with a scheduling link and book the onboarding session

⏰ Time required: up to 1-2 days from sign-up to onboarding scheduled

πŸš€ Outcome: you have administrator's access to your web app and a meeting with your happiness manager scheduled.

Step 2. Visit the onboarding session

During a meeting, your happiness manager will help you define implementation goals, establish a timeline, and create plans and other essential content.

πŸ“ What to prepare for the onboarding session:

  • Square logo for the web app icon.

  • 200-300 character description of your workspace.

  • Prices and description of your rooms, desks, and plans.

  • The text of your privacy policy and terms of use (if available)

πŸ’‘ Watch a 4-minute "Get Started" video to get acquainted with the main app concepts.

⏰ Time required: up to 1 hour.

πŸš€ Outcome: you're fully equipped to use the web application and have your next check-in call scheduled.

Step 3. Complete the setup of the web app

After the onboarding session, you can have a few more steps left to finish by yourself, like opening an account with a payment gateway, adding all rooms, collecting members' emails, etc. After the onboarding session, you can finish it with the personalized implementation guidelines and our guidelines from the Help Center.

πŸ“ What to prepare for the web app setup:

  • Users' names and emails, as well as their company information (if available)

  • Account with a payment gateway

  • Look through and follow our "Get Started" guide

⏰ Time required: from 2 hours to several days, depending on how quickly you can create all the content in the app and invite users.

πŸš€ Outcome: your web app is ready for use. Your members are invited and started using the web app. Your mobile apps are published with the following mobile release.

Step 4. Launch your apps

Now that members have been invited accept all bookings and payments via the app to ensure stable revenue generation and provide an excellent customer experience.

πŸ“ What to prepare for a seamless app launch:

  • Integration with a marketing site

  • Posts on social media about your app available for bookings

  • New house rules, which would include that bookings are accepted only via the app

⏰ Time required: up to 1 hour to publish social media posts and integrate the app with a marketing site.

πŸš€ Outcome: your room booking, desk booking, invoicing, and payments are mostly fully automated. How the app will work

Even beyond the onboarding time, we help you by sending personalized tips on promoting your apps, conducting free streams, and increasing user activation. Essential, Pro, and Enterprise customers also enjoy regular check-in calls to review progress and get advice on getting the most out of your app.

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