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How users make monetary payments
How users make monetary payments
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With the payment gateway connected in the app, users can make online payments for all products and services.

How users make payments

  1. When trying to make a booking or purchase, users select the "New Payment Method" option (or "PayPal", "Mercado Pago", "KakaoPay" if these payment gateways are connected).

  2. Users are redirected to the payment page of the payment gateway to complete the payment.

  3. Based on the user's actions on this page, the app reflects the status of the booking or purchase and the corresponding transaction in the app. Users and administrators can check the status by opening the booking or purchase on the respective page or on the Payments page.

Transaction statuses

Paid transactions

The payment has been successfully completed, and the booking or purchase appears on the corresponding page in the app.

Pending transactions

The user has opened the payment page but still needs to complete the payment.

  • The booking or purchase remains on the corresponding page for 15 minutes to allow the user to complete the payment.

  • If the user doesn't complete it within 15 minutes, the booking or purchase is removed from the corresponding page, and the transaction automatically gets marked with the "Canceled" status.

Ask the user to complete the payment on the payment page.

Canceled transactions

The user opened and closed the payment page without completing the payment within 15 minutes. Ask the user to initiate the payment again.

Failed transactions

The payment was initiated by the user but was declined by the payment gateway for some reason, e.g. insufficient balance or the issue with the user's bank. Troubleshoot failed transactionsโ€‹

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