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How users order products
How users order products
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On the Shop page, users can easily order any of the available products.


To allow users to view and order available products, follow the next steps:

  • Enable the Shop page via Settings > Shop and create a product category by pressing the Create button on the same page.

  • When adding a shop product, set the necessary visibility and enable the "Order" option.

How users order a product

Users can order a product by following these steps:

1. Go to Locations > Shop > select the desired product option, and press Order.

2. Select the quantity, leave a comment if necessary, select a payment option, and press Get for... button.

Users can view their orders by going to the Account page (by pressing a button with your profile image, initials, or the user icon on the app's main page) > Orders.

How administrators track shop orders

It's useful to track orders in time to deliver them promptly to your members. Administrators can view all orders by navigating to Shop > pressing the "List" icon in the top right corner.

The following data is available for every order:

  • The product and product option title

  • The order sequence number

  • Date and time of the order

  • Quantity

  • Buyer's name

  • Payment method and amount paid

To check the orders of a specific user, go to Locations > Community > open the user > Orders.

Administrators can contact the users who made an order via chat in the app, for example, and provide all the necessary information. For this, open the order > press on the buyer > press Chat.

If necessary, download a custom report to get a list of the orders with data about purchased products, options, prices, and user contact details.

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