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Edit your email in the app
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Each user account in your app is associated with a unique email and is created when the user logs in with the email address for the first time.

Modify your email address

1. Log in to the app using the current email address connected to it.

2. Navigate to Account (the user icon) > select Privacy and Security > tap "Email."

3. Enter a new valid email of your choice and confirm its validity by inputting the confirmation code.

4. Once all is set, hit Save and enjoy having an updated account.

Changing the email address can be done only by each user individually.

If you attempt to update your current email with an address already associated with another account, the app will return a "The user account already exists with this email" message. To resolve the issue, follow these steps:

1. Login with your new desired email address.

2. Navigate to Account > Privacy and Security > tap “Delete.”

3. Log back into the app using your old email, which you want to modify.

4. Go to Account > Privacy and Security > select “Email."

5. Enter your updated email details and confirm via a confirmation code.

6. Save the change.


Why do I get "The user account already exists with this email" error message if there is no user with such an email in the Community or among nonmembers?

This message indicates that such an email is already linked to another existing account in the app. It doesn't matter, if the account holder is a member or a nonmember or they only registered in the app using this email. The email address is associated with that account upon registration making it impossible to use it for another account.

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