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Send invitations and Wi-Fi codes via Twilio
Send invitations and Wi-Fi codes via Twilio
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Twilio is a cloud communications platform that connects you to customers on any digital channel. The integration allows you to deliver login confirmation codes for Wi-Fi authentication and members' invitations by SMS.

Send invitations and Wi-Fi codes via Twilio on Spacebring's coworking space management platform

Twilio is a distinct company not affiliated with us. For any inquiries regarding Twilio's solutions, services, or pricing, please reach out to Twilio directly. We do not have the authority to provide information or support on behalf of Twilio.

Enable Twilio

To enable Twilio for your application, the owner needs to follow these steps:

  1. Log in as an owner and navigate to (...) More > Network Settings > Twilio page.

  2. Press Connect and enter integration details and confirm your choice. Learn where to find them on Twilio

  3. Select a phone number that will be used to identify a sender and configure what you want SMS to be sent for: Wi-Fi login code and new member invitations.

  4. Press Save.


  • SMS can only be delivered for Wi-Fi codes if a user has indicated a cellular phone number on the Account > Profile page.

  • SMS can only be delivered for new member invitations if an administrator has indicated a member's cellular phone number upon inviting a member. SMS for member invitations includes what location the member was invited to, the link to log in, and what email was used.

  • SMS does not replace email β€” your members will receive confirmation codes and invitations to both places.

  • Only confirmation codes for Wi-Fi login are delivered by SMS. For security reasons, confirmation codes to log in to your web or mobile application are sent by email only.

  • If SMS is not arriving, ensure you have a sufficient account balance in Twilio.

Using this integration is only available on specific plans.

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