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Automate access to Wi-Fi with IronWiFi
Automate access to Wi-Fi with IronWiFi
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Your app integrates with IronWiFi and allows you to:

  • Automate giving and revoking access to Wi-Fi.

  • Grant access only to customers: members, visitors, and guests on different conditions.

  • Make it easy to people to connect to Wi-Fi without any passwords.

  • Know who is online, how often, and how long with IronWiFi's built-in analytics tools.

IronWiFi is a distinct company not affiliated with us. For any inquiries regarding IronWiFi's solutions, services, or pricing, please reach out to IronWiFi directly. We do not have the authority to provide information or support on behalf of IronWiFi.

Prerequisites for connecting IronWiFi

  • Install the Wi-Fi routers that IronWiFi supports. You may see the list of supported vendors on the IronWiFi website. Please get in touch with IronWiFi if you have any questions about hardware or their cloud-based RADIUS servers.

  • Create captive portals inside IronWiFi global region, and not your local one:

    • Sign in to the Console

    • Switch to the global region - non-regional (button in the top right corner)

    • On the Networks page, click "Create new."

Connect and configure the IronWiFi integration

You will need to have your IronWiFi account and your app ready to enable the integration. Ensure you have connected all your networks and created all necessary captive portals in the IronWiFi account. Then follow these steps:

  1. Open your app and go to the Locations > Settings page by pressing the "Settings" icon next to the location's name > IronWiFi > Connect.

  2. Enter your API Key and press Save. Where to find the IronWiFi API key

  3. Once your IronWiFi account is connected, you will see the "Captive Portals" section.

  4. Press the "Connect Captive Portal" button > select the network from the dropdown > choose the captive portal that was preliminary created in your IronWiFi account > set unconditional or conditional access options.

  5. Add the IP address indicated on this page to your network access controller (router) settings.

    The IronWiFi integration is connected and configured:

Wi-Fi access criteria

It is possible to set up Wi-Fi access in a way that allows certain individuals to use it. This can be based on specific conditions such as having a subscription or booking.

Your app allows to grant network access based on such criteria:

  • Subscription

  • Desk Booking

  • Room Booking

Switching on any requirements for conditional access allows users that meet these conditions to go online.

How users connect to Wi-Fi

andcards-ironWiFi integration: immediate access to Wi-Fi for members and visitors of a coworking space with login used for coworking space app

When users arrive at your space and open a list of Wi-Fi networks on their devices, they can go online in a few simple steps:

  1. Choose the open Wi-Fi network from the list of available options on their device. It's important that users select the network that matches the one you set up in IronWiFi and has a captive portal.

  2. Authenticate through the pop-up window (captive portal). Users must use the same email they have used with your app to sign up or book.

  3. The integration will check if the user with the email meets Wi-Fi network access criteria and grant access according to your settings.

To authenticate, users must enter their email address and the one-time login code. To receive this code, users must have the internet on a secondary device (e.g. a smartphone with a cellular data connection), which works for most people. If you have clients that don't have a secondary device and/or access to the internet without your Wi-Fi network, use Twilio to send Wi-Fi login codes by SMS.

Disconnect the IronWiFi integration

To disconnect a captive portal, go to the Locations > Settings page by pressing the "Settings" icon next to the location's name > IronWiFi > select a captive portal > press "Disconnect Captive Portal."

To disconnect the entire integration, go to the Locations > Settings page by pressing the "Settings" icon next to the location's name > IronWiFi > "Disconnect."

Using this module is only available on specific plans.

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