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Check visitors in with the visitor display
Check visitors in with the visitor display
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You can use visitor display with your branded mobile apps to register all guests of your members coming to the space, let them check in and out, and request the host's approval.

The visitor display is available with the Mobile Apps add-on.

Who are the visitors?

Visitors are individuals who are invited by your members to your space for various reasons. To keep track of who is coming and why, we recommend to register visitors in the following cases:

  • Your members' guests arrived for a meeting with them.

  • Your members' friends/relatives need to see your members.

As a solution for this, use a visitor display to check in the preregistered visitors or request new visits.

To get started, enable the Visitors module and visitor display.

Here is what the visitor display looks like with visitor check-in and check-out options.

Express check-in for preregistered visitors

Preregistered visitors get a 6-digit visit code by email right after the administrator or member creates a visit for them. So, once the visit is created, the user receives an email with the code and visit details. The code is used to check in or out (if applicable), and if lost, the host can look it up on the Visitors page.
Visitors can check in by tapping the relevant option on the visitor display and confirming their visit code.

Visitors enter the 6-digit visit code.

If the visit code is valid, the visitor display confirms the visit.

Self-registration for new visitors

Visitors without preregistration use the visitor display to self-register and request member's approval. Visitors select "No" when asked if they have a visit code and proceed to create a visit request.

Visitors must enter the following information:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Phone number (optional)

  • Email

  • Host β€” search for all members to select visit request approver. Visitors can search for a host using the host's name and surname or other searchable data that you configured. The feature is coming soon with the new mobile app release.

Upon submission of the visit request on the tablet, the selected host gets a push notification prompting approval of the visit.

  • The visitor will receive an email with a visit code if a visit is approved.

  • If a visit is rejected, the visitor is notified by email.

How visitors check out

If enabled, visitors can check out at the reception by entering the visit code. Checking out adds a timestamp to the visit. If the visitors don't check out, they will be considered checked out after the end of the event.


Does the check-in code expire

The code is for one-time use and is valid on the visit day until the end of the visit. When the visitor receives an email, it will include the details about the expiration date and time of the code. If the visit code is invalid or expired, the visitor display shows an error message.

Do visitors agree to privacy policy

Each user who receives an invitation email receives a link to the app. Once the link is opened, the user can see a Welcome Page and can press Continue. After that, the use can read the Data and Privacy information and press Continue that will mean his agreement.

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