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Get started with visitor management
Get started with visitor management
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Visitor management allows members to preregister guests, approve unregistered guests, and get arrival notifications. Visitors use the self-service visitor display at the reception desk to check in and out. To get started, follow the steps below.


To start using the visitor display, you need to fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Have your branded mobile apps published. If you haven't ordered them yet, you can do it with our guide.

  2. Make sure that your tablet screen size is at least 7 inches and supports downloading Android apps and IOS apps.

Step 1. Enable Visitors

  1. Go to the Locations > Settings page by pressing the "Settings" icon next to the location's name > Visitors.

  2. Enable "Visitors":
    Visibility β€” who can see the Visitors page.

    Host Search - select the data that visitors can use to search for their hosts. The host's full name is mandatory.
    "Check Out" β€” select whether you want visitors to check out.

    "Leave Contacts" β€” in case you want to use collecting contacts too.

Your members will discover the Visitors page and will be able to invite visitors and approve visit requests.

Host Search

The host search options will become available with the release of a new app version (4.8.3), scheduled for the end of July 2024.

When the visitor requests approval of their host on the visitor display, they need to select a host. You can determine the data that visitors can use for searching for their host:

  • The host's full name (mandatory)

  • The host's email address

  • The host's phone number

  • The host's company name (if the host is a member of any company)

In terms of security measures, allow visitors to search for their host using the host's full name only. Additional search options can be enabled anytime if needed.

Step 2. Turn on visitor display

Visitor display is available only with the Mobile Apps Add-on.

To get started, download your branded mobile app to any supported tablet device (with a screen size above 7 inches).

Find out more about the required specifications for tablets in this article.

After that, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in with an administrator account.

  2. Go to Visitors > press (...) top right > Visitor Display .

Use iPadOS Guided Access or Android's Screen Pinning to prevent people from exiting the visitor display mode.

3. Visitors can use the visitor display to check in and out.

Using this module is only available on specific plans.

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