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Accept external bookings with public visibility
Accept external bookings with public visibility
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Public visibility is one of five visibility options your app has. With this option, nonmembers (external users) can view your app's content, book rooms, and desks, buy event tickets, products, ask questions on the Support page, and make quick payments on both web and mobile apps.

To ensure that external users can easily find and use your app, including a direct link to your web app on your marketing website and social media channels is crucial.

Enable public visibility

To offer publicly any resource on the Rooms, Desks, Parking, Offices, Shop, Benefits, or Events pages, select "Public" in the "Visibility" property when creating or editing the resource.

To make the Feed and Support pages visible to external users, set the visibility of the entire page to "Public" on Locations > Settings > Feed or Support page.

How nonmembers see the app

Users first navigate to your app via the link on your marketing website and social media channels. We recommend you use your app landing page for this.

By pressing Continue users can view your app's public content. Users can check all the pages with the public content without signing in.

How nonmembers make the first booking

When attempting to book or buy any resource in the app, users will see all information about it. Let's look at what the user's journey looks like on an example of booking a room. The user opens the Rooms page and can see the rooms' calendar and their availability. They can pick any free timeslot for future booking and proceed with a payment.

To register their booking, users must sign in by entering their valid email address and the OTP code.

Your web and mobile applications don't require any passwords, so it's enough for users just to type their email address and confirm it by getting a code. Users must enter the email address and confirmation code only once (unless they cleared the cache or logged out themselves).

If it's the first time this user signs in to your app, they will be asked to pass a quick onboarding process. Once they complete it, users are able to book - they select a payment method and complete the purchase via any of the connected payment gateways.

The booking is confirmed after a successful payment.

Administrators receive notifications about successful bookings and payments of nonmembers on the Notifications page. Find more information on how to view nonmembers' data and activity in the app in this article.

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