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Automate access with Luckey
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Integration with Luckey allows you to grant your members access to the necessary locks in your space by using smartphones, access cards, or key fobs.

Luckey is a distinct company not affiliated with us. For any inquiries regarding Luckey's solutions, services, or pricing, please reach out to Luckey directly. We do not have the authority to provide information or support on behalf of Luckey.

How to enable the Luckey integration

To enable Luckey with your app, have your Luckey account and your app ready.

Before enabling the integration, we recommend you create Smartphone Access rules in Luckey for the plans in your app or for your companies so that when a new user is synchronized and added to the proper user tag in Luckey, it will automatically get the proper mobile access credentials.

Follow these steps to connect integration:

  1. The owner needs to navigate to the (...) More > Network Settings page in the app.

  2. You will be redirected to our website > open the API page > copy the Client ID and Client Secret.

  3. Head to the Luckey dashboard > Settings > select Spacebring > insert the Client ID and Client Secret copied in the previous step.

  4. Select the location in your app that you want to link with the Luckey system.

How to configure access for Luckey

The integration of your app with Luckey allows granting access based on the following conditions:

  • Subscription for the individual user

  • Belonging to company

Access for subscriptions

To automate access for subscriptions of individual users, do the following:

  1. Go to your app and invite users.

  2. Create subscriptions for new users by selecting a plan from the drop-down list.

Access for companies

To automate access for company users, do the following:

  1. Go to your app and invite users.

  2. Create a company and add them to the relevant company.

How the Luckey integration works

  1. Once the integration is active, when users are invited to the app, they are automatically synchronized in real-time into the Luckey dashboard, but no access is provided.

  2. The access to the specified access control group is granted only if the user has an individual subscription or is added to the company. All users qualifying for access according to their subscription or belonging to the company will be automatically assigned to a specific user tag.

  3. Once the user is synchronized from the app to the Luckey system, they will receive an email notification to set up their password and activate their Luckey account, through which they will be granted access.

  4. To automatically give users the right mobile access credentials upon synchronization, create Smartphone Access rules in Luckey for your plans and companies.

  5. If a user's or company's subscription is canceled or expires or a user is removed from the company, their access to Luckey will be automatically revoked.

Check how the integration between the app and Luckey works in this video:

How to disable integration

To disable the integration, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Luckey dashboard > Settings > disable Spacebring from there.

  2. Once disabled, the user synchronization between the two platforms will
    immediately stop working. However, all users and Luckey Smart Tags that have already been synchronized will remain on the platform.

The integration has been developed by the Luckey team. Please reach out to their support in case of any questions about the connection and user sync.

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