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Track users' actions with notifications
Track users' actions with notifications
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Administrators can track activities related to other users' accounts through tracking notifications in the in-built Notifications center. Understand users' notifications

Tracking notifications

Administrators can configure receiving notifications to track specific activities of the following users:

  • Administrators

  • Location members

  • Network members

  • Nonmembers.

Administrators can configure receiving notifications about the following activities:


  • Bookings created

  • Bookings deleted


  • Bookings created

  • Bookings deleted

Credit packages

  • Credits purchased


  • Payment succeded

  • Payment failed


  • Ticket purchased

  • Ticket canceled


  • Application submitted


  • Product purchased

Nonmembers' and invoice activity notifications are enabled by default.

Each notification includes the company/user's name and the title of the purchased resource. Administrators can always reveal additional details about the activity by clicking on the notification. By clicking on the company/user's name, administrators can view their profiles with full information about them on the Community page.

Configure tracking notifications

Each administrator can configure tracking notifications they want to receive by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Notifications page > tap βš™ top right.

  2. Choose the desired category > enable specific types of notifications and target audiences.

  3. Press Save.

To avoid missing notifications, grant your app permission to send push notifications. General push notifications can be configured at a system level:


Can I receive email notifications along with notifications in the app?

You can use the integration of your app with Zapier to configure getting emails about all successful desk and room bookings.


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