Solve SALTO KS sync errors

Your app allows you to grant SALTO KS access based on a subscription, room or desk bookings and revoke it automatically when it expires.

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Here are the most common types of errors you may encounter in the app and solutions to them.

"Could not grant access"

Administrators may see a "Could not grant access" error in their members' profiles. This error occurs when the user's data fails to synchronize to SALTO KS, and the user, therefore, doesn't receive access based on their subscription. The issue can happen due to the temporary unresponsiveness of the API on the side of SALTO KS while syncing data.

To solve this issue, you need to revoke access to the SALTO KS for the affected user and grant it once again following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Locations > Community > select the necessary user or company.

  2. In the "Subscription" section, tap on the subscription > scroll down and locate the "Access" section > choose "Not Selected" from the drop-down list and press Save.

  3. Reopen the subscription > in the "Access" section, select the necessary SALTO KS access control group again > press Save.

After following these steps, your app will try to sync users to the SALTO KS dashboard once again to give the required access.

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