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Collect contacts with visitor display
Collect contacts with visitor display
Updated over a week ago

You can use an in-built visitor display with your branded mobile apps to collect contact information of all walk-ins coming to the space.

The visitor display is available only with the Mobile Apps Add-on.

Who can leave contact information

Very often you can meet many walk-ins coming to your space who want to know more about your pricing, and membership plans or just see the space. It would be a pity to miss taking their contact information on the spot, so that's where the "Leave Contacts" solution with the visitor display comes in.

Collect the contact information of everyone who:

  • Came the first time to your space and requested a tour.

  • Wants to see your space without booking anything.

If your walk-ins already have a booking with you or coming to see your member as a visitor, they don't need to leave the contacts since they are already registered in your app.

Enable leaving contacts

To enable a feature with leaving contacts, do the following:

  1. Download your mobile app on a tablet device and log in as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to the Locations > Visitors > press (…) button on top right > select Visitor Display. If you don't see the Visitors page, enable this module in your app. Get started with visitors management

  3. The option with "Leave Contacts" will appear by default on the visitor display. If you don't see it, enable the "Leave Contacts" option on the Locations > Settings page (the "Settings" icon next to the location's name) > Visitors page.

    Here is what the visitor display with enable option "Leave Contacts" looks like.

How people leave contacts on the visitor display

  1. A walk-in person comes to the reception tablet and presses "Leave Contacts" button on the visitor display.

  2. Type the personal details and click Submit.

  3. Done! The contacts are saved in your app.

When people leave their contacts on the visitor display, they automatically agree to your privacy policy.

How to view all contacts

Administrators can view all contacts registered on Location > Visitors > (...) > All Visitors page > under the "Contacts" tab.

Also, administrators can download all information about their contacts by creating custom reports per "Visitors."

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