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Manage contracts
Manage contracts
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Your app allows you to upload a general Terms of Use agreement which all users must accept during registration in the app, as well as share individual contracts for signature with customers additionally.

Upload the general agreement

If you require all your app users to agree to the general rules in the space, add the text of this agreement to the Terms of Use. When a new app user logs in to the app for the first time, they accept your Terms of Use during the onboarding process and cannot proceed further without completing this step. By pressing "Continue", they confirm that they have carefully read and agree to the Terms of Use.

Users will also be able to review the agreement in the Terms of Use at any time on their Account page in the app.

Collect signatures for individual contracts

If, apart from the general agreement, you need customers to sign individual contracts for office rental or membership, follow these steps:

  1. Have your contracts created in an online contract signature tool (e.g., DocuSign).

  2. Once a new customer signs up for a plan, requests a plan sign-up, or applies for an office, share a link to the contract for them to e-sign through an individual chat with them in the app. As an alternative to the link, you can also send a document since chats in your app support any file format.

  3. Users open the attached document or link from the chat in the app, add a signature online, and return the signed contract to you via the chat as well.

4. Upon receiving the signed contract from the user, attach it to the user's/company's profile in the Community for quick and convenient access of your team and secure storage.


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