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Send a message
Updated over a week ago

To initiate a chat conversation, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the profile of the user you'd like to message. You can do that by tapping the user name anywhere around the app (e.g. Community, Feed, Events, etc.)

  2. Tap Chat button below the user name.

  3. Type and send your message. The counterparty will receive push notifications.

To send any attachment, users or administrators tap on the gallery icon next to the message field > pick a file and send it. You can check the allowed media and file formats here.

Your last message will display the "Seen" status next to the time if the other party opened the conversation and read it.

You can also unsend a message.


Can I send a chat message to all the users at once?

To make a mass announcement or deliver some news to all users in a particular location, you can create a post on Feed. All members of this location will receive a push notification, quickly notice your message, and be able to engage with your post by liking or commenting it. To ensure that your Feed posts reach the intended audience, configure the visibility of the Feed page in your location.

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