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Use Chats
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Chats built into your app empower you to implement a number of convenient scenarios. There are multiple use cases of using chats.

Users ask questions

Users can ask sales or community managers a quick question on your location's Information page. For this, the administrator needs to do the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Locations > Community > find the sales or community manager among "Users".

  2. Open their profile > press (...) menu top right > select Share public link > copy the link.

  3. Paste the user profile URL into your location's Information page. You can use rich text formatting to anchor the link with text.

Follow-up questions from administrators

When administrators receive a notification about a booking made by the public, they can open the user profile and ask a follow-up question. To chat with your nonmember, go to Locations > Community > press (...) menu button top right > Nonmembers > select the user and press Chat.

The other option to start a chat with a nonmember is to go to Notifications > click on the nonmember's profile photo and press Chat.

Your mobile and web apps support push notifications. To receive a push notification about public booking, please make sure that your app can get pushes and that you have notifications from nonmembers turned on. Understand users' notifications

Users chat with their visitors

If a visitor registers in your app or at the reception, your app users can send them a quick message to confirm the pick-up. For this, the app user has to open the visitor profile by tapping the push notification or from the Visitors page > tap Chat and send a message.

Send files in Chats

Administrators and users can send images, photos, videos, and any other files in Chats. For example, the administrator can attach a contract to the chat with the user in order to receive their e-sign. Understand media formats

Fuel conversations and new connections

If you're interested in facilitating member networking at your space, Chats can help fuel conversations and new connections.

1. Make the Community page visible to location members. Understand visibility settings
2. Encourage members to fill their profiles with self-introduction, photos, and contacts. You can use Feed to announce a new tool for chatting in your app.

If your Community directory is visible to administrators only and privacy-conscious users choose to hide their name visibility on bookings and do not deliberately make themselves publicly visible in your app (e.g., by posting on Feed), nobody will be able to send them a message.

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