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Manage cross-location credits
Manage cross-location credits

Allow your members to spend credits outside their home location

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What are cross-location credits

The "Cross-Location Credits" setting allows your members to easily spend their credits for app products from one location in other network locations.
If you have multiple locations, you can use this feature for the following:

  • As a unique benefit of your space: no matter in what locations your members have a subscription, they can visit other locations and book meeting rooms, desks, event tickets, etc., with credits.

  • As a retention tool: if your members have permanent credits left on balance, they can spend them in other locations too and may wish to sign up for plans in some of your other locations later.

Configure cross-location credits

  1. The owner needs to go navigate to the (...) More > Network Settings page in the app.

  2. You will be redirected to our marketing website > open the Locations page.

  3. Set the required percentage value on the "Cross-location Credits" slider.

If the value is set to 0%, members of any location won't be able to use their credits outside their home location.

If a member received 50 β˜† with a monthly subscription and "Cross-Location Credits" is set to 50%, then only 25 β˜† can be spent outside the home location per month.

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