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Configure billing
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Your app allows you to issue invoices to members and nonmembers to charge them for recurring and one-off services.

To configure the invoicing in the specific location, do the following:

  1. Go to Locations > Settings page by pressing the "Settings" icon next to the location's name > Billing.

  2. Fill out information about your company (business name, address, etc.) in the "Billing Details" field.

  3. Enable the "Invoicing" switch.

  4. Select the desired value for the "Invoice Type" dropdown:

    • Invoice - all the invoices generated in the location and related emails will be titled as "Invoice".

    • Proforma invoice - all the invoices generated in the location and related emails will be titled as "Proforma Invoice".

  5. Fill in the "Bank Account" field.

  6. Specify the "Payment Due," and your app will automatically count the invoice due date. Also, you can customize the payment due for individual invoices.

Your billing details and bank account details will appear on all app users' and companies' receipts and invoices.

7. Now, administrators can create subscriptions and issue one-off invoices.

The app's default currency used for all prices in the location is set when creating the location. If necessary, you can add an alternative currency and apply it to invoices for particular companies and members. Use alternative currency


Why do some users not receive invoices automatically?

There are a few reasons why members might not receive their invoices:

1. There could be an issue with their email address. Sometimes, the invoice might not be delivered due to spam filters or if the email address needs to be corrected.

2. It's possible that the member received the invoice, but it ended up in their spam folder. Encourage them to check their spam folder for any missed invoices.

3. The "Auto-Invoice" option might be turned off for the member. This means that invoices are not generated automatically for them.

4. If the invoice was sent to the company, it's essential to ensure that a company manager has been selected. If no company manager is appointed, the invoice is generated but doesn't arrive to anyone.

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