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Configure room booking permissions
Configure room booking permissions
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Users can apply for room bookings in your app, allowing administrators to verify and approve or reject their applications.

Configure room booking permissions

  1. Add or edit a room and configure the "Booking" permission for the rooms that require administrator verification and do not allow immediate bookings from certain groups of users.

  2. Have the Support page enabled and set to "Public" visibility so all users can submit applications and see administrators' replies to their applications.

If the Support page is disabled in the location or doesn't have "Public" visibility, users see the "No permission to complete the action" error and cannot apply.

Use Cases

Restricting room booking permissions is perfect for:

  • Rooms in niched spaces, such as podcast rooms, recording studios, and massage rooms equipped with expensive equipment, which should not be available for immediate booking by nonmembers.

  • Rooms with variable schedules that need availability confirmation, such as conference halls and event venues.

  • Rooms with conditional pricing structures.

  • Rooms that require equipment agreement prior to booking.

How users apply for a room booking

  1. Go to the Rooms page in your app and view available rooms for booking.

  2. Select the necessary room, date, booking start and end time, and press Apply.

How administrators manage room booking applications

  1. Once the user submits a room booking application, a new ticket appears on the Support page. The administrators manage the support ticket and can request any necessary verification documents or communicate with the user via the ticket.

  2. If the booking is approved, click on the user's name in the support ticket to invite them as a member to the app and allow to book the necessary room and make the payment or issue a one-off invoice for the booking to them.

To avoid missing any notifications about plan sign-up requests in Support, enable push notifications for your app and select the responsible support manager.

Accepting room booking applications is only available on specific plans.

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