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How users apply for benefits
How users apply for benefits
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Users can easily apply for a benefit you offer through the app.


To allow users to view and apply for available benefits, prepare your Benefits page:

  • Enable the Benefits page via Settings > Benefits and create a benefit category by pressing the Create button on the same page.

  • When creating a benefit, set the necessary visibility and enable the "Application" section.

How users apply for a benefit

Users can apply for a benefit by following these steps:

1. Go to Locations > Benefits > select the desired benefit and press Apply.

2. Type any additional details or questions, if necessary, inside the text field and press Submit.

Users can view their benefit application by going to the Account page (by pressing a button with your profile image, initials, or the user icon on the app's main page) > Benefit Applications.

How administrators track benefit applications

Administrators can view all benefits applications by navigating to Benefits > pressing the "List" icon in the top right corner.

Each benefit application has its sequence number like #1, #2, etc. (the most recent applications are at the top). The following data is available for every application:

  • The benefit title

  • The benefit application sequence number

  • Date and time of application

  • Applicant's name

Administrators can contact the users who applied for a benefit via chat in the app, for example, and provide all the necessary information. For this, open the benefit application > press on the applicant > press Chat.

To check the benefit applications of a specific user, please go to Locations > Community > open the user > Benefit Applications.

You can customize the call-to-action button when creating or editing the benefit. Instead of the Apply button, you can select any of the following options: Buy, Contact, Get, Learn More.

Configure the notifications in the app to instantly receive notifications about new benefit applications.

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