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Migrate from credit system to day passes
Migrate from credit system to day passes
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Previously, credits were used as a universal currency in plans to give members a limited number of days in the space per period, hours in meeting rooms, shop orders, event tickets, etc.

To separate giving credits for rooms and desks, we're introducing day passes โ€” a separate currency used only for hot desks. It'll help you organize the hot desk plan system more effectively and give members the necessary number of day passes for hot desk bookings per period. How bookings with a day pass work

Start using day passes

Organize bookings with day passes for new members

  1. Navigate to Locations > Settings > Desks > turn on the "Day Passes" switch.

  2. Add or edit a hot desk and turn on the "Day passes" switch.

  3. Create or edit your plans to give the necessary number of day passes and modify the number of credits accordingly (give credits only for booking rooms, for example).

  4. New users who sign up for a plan with day passes after the updates have been made will receive the edited number of credits and day passes with their subscriptions.

Organize bookings with day passes for existing members

Changes to the plans will not affect active subscriptions. Therefore, to edit subscriptions of existing members who have any of your hot desk plans, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Community > open the user with a hot desk plan > Subscription.

  2. Click on the necessary subscription item.

  3. Reselect the same plan in the "Plan" dropdown or just add the necessary number of day passes and edit the number of expiring credits > press Save.

  4. The changes will apply with the next subscription renewal, and the user will receive the necessary number of day passes and expiring credits only on the plan renewal date.

  5. Once all the existing members' subscriptions have renewed, disable the price in credits for your hot desk and keep only the "Day passes" switch enabled.

To give day passes to members before subscription renewal, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Community > open the user or company > Day Passes.

  2. Press + button > enter the necessary amount > press Give.

To encourage your members to use day passes instead of credits, reduce or deduct the expiring credits.

Our recommendations

  1. Name hot desks you create after the zones in your space they are located in: "Open Space", "Lounge Zone" etc. "Hot desk" is only the type of desk and "Day pass" is the currency for booking a hot desk, therefore we do not recommend using these two words for desk names. Naming hot desks after zones will help you accurately track occupancy in any zone at any moment.

  2. Create a post on the Feed informing your members about the change. Let them know that moving forward, they will receive and use day passes instead of expiring credits for making hot desk bookings according to their plan.

  3. Update your integration of the app with the marketing site to use the new wording.

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