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Day passes is a currency used for booking a hot desk by members in the app. 1 day pass is the cost of 1 desk booking for 1 day.

How to enable day passes

  1. Navigate to Locations > Settings > Desks > turn on the "Day Passes" switch.

  2. Add or edit a desk with the "Hot Desk" type and turn on the "Day passes" switch in it.

  3. Create or edit your plans and add a certain number of day passes in them.

Bookings with day passes are possible only for desks with the "Hot Desk" type.

Use Cases

There are two main types of plans to give day passes in:

  • Give day passes in hot desk plans: 30 day passes in a monthly plan or 7 day passes in a weekly plan. All members with hot desk plans then need to book a hot desk with a day pass every day to check in. This system will help maintain an accurate hot desk occupancy overview every day.

  • Give a certain number of day passes in other plans to allow members access to the space only a limited number of times per period. For example, if you offer a plan that allows members to visit the space 10 days per month, create a plan with a monthly period and give 10 day passes in it.

If you used the credit system previously, refer to this guide for instructions on a seamless transition to day passes.

How members book with day passes

  1. Once users sign up for a plan with day passes or administrators create a subscription for them, they receive day passes to their balance.

  2. Members use day passes to book a hot desk on the desired dates during the subscription period.

Members can use day passes to book desks only on dates within their current subscription period and not beyond it.

3. If unused, day passes expire at the end of the subscription period.

Only members can use day passes for hot desk bookings. Nonmembers book a hot desk for money.

How to check the balance of day passes

  • Users go to the Membership > Day passes page and view their current balance of day passes and day passes transactions.

  • Administrators go to the Community page > select a user or a company > Day Passes and view the user's or company's current balance of day passes and day passes transactions. Administrators can also give or charge day passes from the member's balance here.

How to give and charge day passes

Administrators can also manually give or charge expiring day passes to a member or a company with a subscription:

  1. Go to Locations > Community > pick a user or a company > Day Passes.

  2. Press + or - next to expiring day passes > enter the amount > if needed, type the reason for giving credits in the "Description field" to help members recognize the transaction > press Give or Charge.

  3. The member will get a push notification about the day passes transaction and can also check it on the Membership > Day Passes > Transactions page.


How can users book one day pass?

If a user wants to book one day pass for a specific date, they must book a hot desk directly on the Desks page and pay the required monetary amount. Meanwhile, a bundle of day passes can be received by signing up for a plan with day passes.

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