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Use the app efficiently on a regular basis
Use the app efficiently on a regular basis

Understand how the app automates daily routine and what administrators do to keep up with the space operations

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Prepare to get the most out of your app πŸš€. We have a quick guide to help you use the app efficiently on a regular basis as soon as your space is up and running.

How the app works

Once your app is configured and all members are invited, here is what the app helps you to reach.

Invoice & payments automation

Your members start receiving and paying for invoices as soon as their subscriptions renew:

  • Members are charged for invoices automatically on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

  • New members join the location by signing up for plans by themselves.

Tips for the finance team:

The team in charge of payments at your space can keep track of the following by using the app:

  • Track all payments received on the Analytics page (the "Analytics" icon next to the location's name)

Self-served room & desk bookings

  • Members book rooms or hot desks with credits, for free or with the invoice.

  • Nonmembers locate the web or mobile app via marketing site integration or social media and make one-off bookings.

Tips for the receptionists:

To see the space availability and welcome your customers, the receptionist can do the following:

  • Check what rooms are available and when from the Rooms page.

  • View the daily desk availability from the Desks page.

  • Receive tracking notifications about new bookings to react and welcome new customers quickly.

  • Check the Community page to get more information on all members and nonmembers.

Building community

  • Members and nonmembers engage with new Feed posts, join events, and enjoy other benefits your team adds to the app.

  • Members contact via Support to ask questions and deliver feedback.

Tips for community manager:

  • Make the Feed page the single source of notifying members about important news to keep all conversations and user engagement in a single channel.

  • Post events on the Events page and share links to join them on social media, the marketing site, the Feed page, etc.

  • Promote the app everywhere in the location by placing QR codes.

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