Manage nonmembers

In this article, you will find instructions on how to effectively monitor the activity of nonmembers and manage them.

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Easily keep track of the actions of nonmembers, handle them efficiently, and interact with them to grow the community.


A nonmember is a user who meets one of the following conditions:

  • Has previously made bookings or purchases through your app at least once

  • A past member who has been removed from the Community

A user could be a member of Location A and a nonmember of Location B simultaneously.


Available for nonmembers

View and interact with the content that has "Public" visibility (or "Network Members" if the user is a member in another location)

Receive and pay for invoices

Sign up for plans

Access information about their previous subscription, invoices, or credits

Use credits

Buy credits

Nonmember users become active and count towards your subscription for the app only if they do something useful in the app and meet the criteria.

Each location has a unique list of nonmembers who have interacted with it in some way.

View nonmembers

Administrators can view nonmembers' activity on the following pages in the app:

1. Locations > Community > (...) menu top right > Nonmembers. You can use the Nonmembers page to access: user profiles (full names, emails, bookings, payments, invoices, and more) and company profiles (names, payments, invoices).

If you remove a company, it disassociates with company members. Therefore, nonmember companies do not contain users.

2. Locations > Analytics page. It shows the consolidated information on members and nonmembers. In case you need to check only the list of nonmembers, download custom reports.

3. Notifications page. According to the notification settings you configured, you'll see the history of nonmembers' actions.

Invite nonmembers & restore companies to Community

You can quickly move nonmembers to the Community page by following these steps:

  • To restore a company, navigate to Locations > Community > (...) menu top right > Nonmembers > select a company and tap Restore. After this, the company will reappear in the Community, and you will be able to add or invite company members.

  • To restore a nonmember to the Community, select this user on the Nonmembers page and press Invite. Once invited, the user receives the email invitation and can access the app as a member.

Delete nonmembers

If there is no longer a need to keep the data of some nonmembers and you want to delete their data from the Nonmembers page, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Locations > Community.

  2. Press (...) menu top right > Nonmembers page.

  3. Open Users > select the user > scroll down > press Delete and confirm your choice.

Deleting a nonmember is irreversible and cannot be undone. You cannot delete a nonmember company, but you can manage company users.

Deleting a nonmember only removes the user from the Nonmembers page, but it doesn't erase their booking and payment history. If the user becomes a nonmember again, their previous actions history will still be available to administrators.

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