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Pay with invoice
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You can allow members or companies to include expenses in an upcoming invoice with the "Pay with invoice" feature.

How to enable "Pay with invoice"

To set up "Pay with invoice", follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Locations > Community.

  2. Select a member/company and open their subscription. If there's no subscription, create a subscription.

  3. Locate the "Pay with Invoice" section in the subscription > select services for which you want to allow this member/company to pay by their Personal or Company Invoice.

Company managers can always pay with Company Invoice for all the services enabled by the administrator. However, they can set restrictions for using Company Invoice as a payment method by company members on the Membership page > the section with company name > Settings.

Only company managers are allowed to buy credit packages by the Company Invoice. Company members are never allowed to do that, regardless of settings set by the administrator and the company manager.

How "Pay with invoice" works

Once a subscription starts, members see the "Company Invoice" or "Personal Invoice" payment method around the app.

  • Members can review the upcoming invoice in real-time on Locations > Membership > Personal section > Invoices page > "Active invoice" section.

  • Company managers can review the upcoming invoice in real-time on Locations > Membership > the section with company name > Invoices page > "Active invoice" section.

Use Cases

  • Allow company members to include all expenses in a consolidated company invoice. The company manager will receive a comprehensive invoice with all the bookings and purchases made by company members during the month added as separate invoice items.

  • Allow individual members to include all their bookings and purchases in an upcoming invoice instead of initiating a payment every time.

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