Create add-ons

Add-ons allow you to create recurring invoice items for the whole subscription period and regularly charge your members fixed fees.

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How to create an add-on

  1. Go to Locations > Community and select a company or a member.

  2. Create a subscription or open an active subscription.

  3. Locate Create Add-on button under the "Payment" section.

  4. Add an add-on with its name, price, and custom tax rate if necessary, and confirm your choice.

How the add-ons work

The total price will reflect the plan plus any add-ons you created.

All add-ons are added as separate invoice items to the invoice and include the name of the add-on, price, tax, and subscription period. You can edit the name, price, or tax of the add-on at any time via Community, but changes to it will apply on the next renewal date.

How to delete an add-on:

  1. Go to Locations > Community and select a member/company.

  2. Open a subscription and pick an add-on previously created.

  3. Tap Delete.

The add-on item will be deleted from the subscription and won't be shown in the invoice on the next renewal date.


What can I add as add-ons to a subscription?

Add-ons are extra services used monthly alongside a subscription.
​Individual members might get lockers or parking as add-ons. For companies, it could mean adding a second office to their subscription. When a company rents multiple offices, one office is subscribed, while others are added as separate items on their monthly invoice.

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