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Integrate with Google Analytics
Integrate with Google Analytics
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Gain valuable insights into your users' behavior and optimize ad campaigns with Google Analytics integration for your web and mobile apps.

You can use integration with Google Analytics 4 for the following use cases:

  • Explore the users' behavior inside the app and how they interact with your in-app content.

  • Set up tracking events to optimize Google Ads campaigns based on desired user activity.

Access Google Analytics

Google Analytics is available with the Mobile Apps add-on. Order mobile apps

As soon as your apps are built, Google Analytics is already connected to your apps and starts tracking users' activity. To request access to view it, the owner needs to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to (...) More > Network Settings > Google Analytics page.

  2. Press Open Google Analytics.

  3. You will be redirected to the Google Analytics page, where you need to press Request access to receive a permission to use Google Analytics.

  4. After you send a request, confirm it in the "Request access" window.

  5. We'll provide you access to view Google Analytics within 24 hours. You will be notified about access granted through email confirmation.

  6. Once the access is granted, you can always log in to Google Analytics with your email address (to which the access has been provided) and see how users interact with your app content.

By gaining access to Google Analytics, you can track the range of events in the app in addition to default events.

Event Name



Users log into the app


Users press the "Share" button to share the app content


Users initiate a payment in the app


Users make a successful monetary purchase

Link Google Analytics with Google Ads

You can optimize your Google Ads campaigns when you understand what the converted users purchase in the app by tracking their events. To track conversions from your Google Ads campaign, do the following:

  1. Request access to Google Analytics 4 and wait until it has been granted to you.

  2. Navigate to your Google Ads account and link it to Google Analytics following Google guidelines.

  3. Include links to various pages of your app in your Google Ads.

    The links might lead to such pages as:

Learn how to get URLs to specific pages in your app and how to promote your app here.

4. Constantly monitor the user purchases in the app and track conversions from the ad campaigns containing these links to make informed decisions on your Google Ads enhancement.

Using this integration is only available on specific plans.

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