Assign an owner role
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Your app has the role of owner. The owner is responsible for managing the entire app and is a single point of contact in your organization regarding the subscription for the app. Your app can have only one owner.

The owner's role is always assigned to a particular team member during the first onboarding with us.

What the owner can do

  • Manage Customer Portal and subscription for your app.

  • Update web and mobile app icons.

  • Update the web app description, privacy, and terms of use.

  • Add and delete locations.

  • Manage app appearance.

  • Manage Chats.

  • Connect app-level integrations (Twilio, Meta Pixel).

The owner can assign themselves an administrator role. For this, the owner should navigate to the Network Settings > Locations > press Become Administrator button near the necessary location.

How to check who is the owner

The person with the owner role is the only person who can access the (...) More > Network Settings page on the left-side panel in the app. If you cannot see this page, you are not the owner.

To figure out who the owner is, ask your colleagues who can see this page or contact our support for help.

How to assign an owner role

To delegate the owner role to another person, do the following:

  1. Log in as an owner and navigate to (...) More > Network Settings > General page..

  2. Select a new owner in the Owner section.

  3. Confirm your choice.

Consider making an actual person the owner, not a general team inbox (e.g., [email protected]). The owner's role allows for making changes and accessing your billing, so it is a good practice to encourage personal accountability.

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