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Automate sending welcome emails via Zapier
Automate sending welcome emails via Zapier
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When administrators invite new users to the locations, users receive a default welcome email.

You may want to customize the introduction email and include your information there. In this case, you can set up such automation through the integration between your app and Zapier.

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Customize welcome emails

Configure Zapier trigger

  1. Log in to Zapier and press "Create Zap."

  2. On the "Trigger" step, select Spacebring among other apps > choose event "New Member".

  3. Log in to your Spacebring account (with email as an administrator) > select your location from the drop-down list.

  4. Continue and test your trigger. While testing a trigger, Zapier will find a recent member in your location. Select the member that you can use as a test record in your Zap.

If you see that there was no member found after testing a trigger, it means that you need to invite at least one new user to your location.

Configure Zapier action

  1. On the "Action" step, select the app for sending confirmations (Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Email by Zapier, etc.)

  2. Choose event "Send Email". The name of the action may differ for various apps, but no matter what app you choose, it must support the action of sending an email through Zapier.

  3. Log in with the account from which you want the emails to be sent (for example, [email protected]).

  4. Fill in all required fields, turn on, and publish your Zap.

Every time a new member is invited to the Community, they will automatically receive the custom introduction email you have set.

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