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Migrate subscriptions
Migrate subscriptions
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This step-by-step guide will help you easily migrate subscriptions from another platform.


  1. Prepare the individual members' data in a spreadsheet with the following columns:

Column Name


First Name


Last Name



Phone Number

2. Prepare the same spreadsheets for each company with the company members' data.

3. Have an account with the payment gateway available in your country.

Migration process from the administrator's side

  1. Configure invoicing in your app.

  2. Create companies that have subscriptions with you.

  3. Mass invite all individual and company members with the help of the preliminary created spreadsheets.

  4. Create subscriptions for each individual member and company, and set the start and end dates in them. You can select one of the pre-created plans for each subscription or create custom subscriptions.

Migration process from the user's side

  1. Each user gets an email-invitation with the Get Started button and is guided through a welcoming onboarding process in the app.

  2. The app automates invoicing for all users based on their subscriptions. Users automatically receive invoices on the first day of each subscription period.

  3. Users receive their first invoice as a push, email, and widget notification on the start date of their subscription and seamlessly pay for it.

  4. Subsequent invoice payments:

    • If you have Stripe, WayForPay, or Fondy as a payment gateway, the payment method users used for the first invoice payment is saved as the default one and used for auto-charging future invoices. Users get an email and push notification 3 days before and immediately after each automatic payment.

    • If you have another gateway, users get and pay for the subsequent invoices in the same way as the first one.

Next Steps

  1. Track invoice payments on the Community and Notifications pages and resend unpaid invoices to customers.

  2. Easily export all invoices from the app for accounting purposes or use our integration with Xero or QuickBooks Online accounting platforms for automatic invoice synchronization.


  1. Use our Invoicing guides to make one-off modifications to invoices.

  2. Use our Manage subscriptions guides to make changes to your users' subscriptions whenever needed.

  3. Manage Auto-pay property for certain companies and users if they request it.

  4. Help users to manage their saved payment methods if needed.

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